Life the way it used to be...

1818 Farms is located on three acres in the northwest corner of the historic village of Mooresville, AL and is named for the year Mooresville was incorporated, one year before Alabama became a state. 

The idea for 1818 Farms originated after Natasha McCrary and her kids took a trip to a petting zoo. After the visit, her son could not stop talking about wanting a Babydoll Sheep, so thinking it would be a fun and educational journey for her family, Natasha found a few lambs for them to raise. Shortly after, she began to dream of having a small profitable farm where her husband and she could teach their children to appreciate the land and animals, to be good conservationists, and to teach them the importance of being self-sustaining.

Today, the happy animal residents on the little farm include Babydoll Southdown sheep, a Nubian goat, cats, hens, a pot-bellied pig, mini pigs, and two Great Pyrenees guardian dogs. In an adjacent field, lavender & herbs are grown for use in handmade beauty products and over 10,000 flowers show off their best colors and blooms, having been lovingly and carefully tended to, bringing beauty today and providing seeds for future seasons.

Parties of all types are hosted in the garden and adjacent Garden House. Children’s birthday parties, supper and garden club gatherings, and “Farm to Table” dinners hosted by some of the area’s top chefs all take place on our farm. The Garden House is also home to a series of classes included: raised bed gardening, food preservation, seed starting, raising backyard chickens, knitting, and wreath making. Additionally, the landscape of our historic farm makes a beautiful backdrop for wedding and special event photo shoots.

From the farm straight to you!

1818 Farms' bath and beauty products have grown from their commitment to their farm and the need for simple products that really work. Featured on the labels are some of the more popular farm animals, from Clover’s Lip Smack to Sweet Pea and her scented Shea Creme. These products are all 100% natural, handmade, hand-packaged & include therapeutic grade ingredients.

1818 Farms' Flower

The 1818 Farms Flower Truck is a representative of 1818 Farms’ motto “Life the way it used to be.” The truck evokes memories of an era of slower times in small town America when kids rode their bikes, you knew your neighbors and the farmers who grew your food.

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